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par webmaster - 4 janvier 2010

The GDRE IALP (“Interdisciplinary approach to the logics of power in medieval Iberian societies”) relies its activity on the experience of the GDR 2378 SIREM in order to sustain a global study of governance in Iberian peninsula in Middle Ages. The units federated by the IALP commit themselves to lead a scientific policy of cooperation, particularly on exchange of information, diffusion of bibliographical and documentary data, preparation and organization of collective research realizations, diffusion of the results. The specific scientific contributions of the teams -which constitute the “capital gain” of their European coordination- are the following ones. Quaestio research group (CSIC) obtains excellent results about a practical proceeding and not only normative exploration of the judiciary. “Relations of Conflict in their Representative Practices” (Madrid Complutense University) leads a still innovating study of representations viewed as instruments for the exercise of power. “Investigation group on history and dialectology of Spanish language” Grupo de Investigación en Historia y Dialectología del Español” (GRHIDE, Madrid Autonomous University) represents nowadays the best understanding of medieval Castilian language in Europe, notably in its territorial diversity. “Forms of Hispanic epics : traditions and historical contexts” (Saragossa University) is actually composed by the very few international specialists in the royal and monastic Latin historiographies of the 11th and 12th centuries. Finally, the Medieval seminar : Literature, thinking and society (Porto University) brings a very helpful interdisciplinary view concerning the instruments of the Portuguese medieval political thinking and its relations with those of the other Iberian kingdoms. The CIHAM (UMR 5648) and the SEMH-Sorbonne (medieval component of CLEA, EA 4083) are the two main groups of specialists of medieval Spain in France. Both are interdisciplinary and have worked together for many years.

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